Economic Action Plan 2014 Demonstrates Commitment To Jobs And Opportunities

Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament for Oxford, is pleased to welcome Economic Action Plan 2014, and its focus on job creation, economic growth, and keeping taxes low – along with its plan to get back to balance by 2015.

“I am very pleased with the budget Minister Flaherty brought forth today and our plan to move our economy forward. There is something in Budget 2014 for every segment of our community; in particular for the next generation with enhanced opportunities for training and further education,” said MP MacKenzie. “Our government is focused on balancing the budget in 2015, which will keep interest rates low and lessen the financial burden on future generations.”

Economic Action Plan 2014 contains no new taxes on families and businesses, and also continues to ensure that government spending is efficient and effective as possible. “As we’ve seen in places like Greece and Detroit, not having one’s fiscal house in order can lead to incredible economic instability, dramatic cuts to government programs, and higher taxes,” said MP MacKenzie.

Economic Action Plan 2014 includes key measures to support families in Oxford and strengthen our economy, all while keeping taxes low by:

  • Launching the Canada Job Grant: so that Canadians can get the skills and training they need to get in-demand jobs.
  • Creating the Canada Apprentice Loan: which will provide apprentices in Red Seal trades access to over $100 million in interest-free loans each year.
  • Launching a Job Matching Service: this new service will automatically match Canadians looking for work with employers to hire them.
  • Securing a Competitive and Innovative Automotive Sector: by investing $500 million in the Automotive Innovation Fund to support new projects and long-term investment in Canada’s automotive sector.
  • Supporting Seniors: by providing an additional $5 million to the New Horizons for Seniors Program so that more seniors can actively participate in their communities.  
  • Supporting Families: by enhancing tax relief for families adopting a child, expanding tax relief for health-related services, capping wholesale wireless rates to make service more affordable, cracking down on cross-border price discrimination, and more.
  • Standing Up for Victims of Crime: by implementing the Victim’s Bill of Rights and proving funding for a DNA-based Missing Persons Index.
  • And much more.

Equally important, our budget keeps Canada on track to a balanced budget in 2015. However, unlike the previous government, we are not balancing the budget by cutting transfers to the provinces for health care or education. In fact, under the Harper Government provincial transfers are at an all-time high. Instead, to balance the budget, we are making government programs more efficient by cutting waste and ensuring that every taxpayer dollar spent is as useful as possible. This means for Ontario, that our transfers will total $19.2 billion in 2014-15 – a whopping 76% increase from under the previous government. 

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