MP MacKenzie Announces Passage of Private Member’s Bill At Third Reading In House Of Commons

Ottawa, ON- Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament for Oxford, today announced an update on the progress of his Private Member’s Bill C-483, An Act To Amend The Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Escorted Temporary Absence). Bill C-483 has now passed third reading and has been adopted by the House of Commons with overwhelming support. The bill will now continue to proceed through the legislative process to the Senate; where it will follow a legislative process very similar to the House of Commons.

“I am very pleased that Bill C-483 received wide support across all party lines,” said MP MacKenzie. “This bill will increase access for victims during the decision-making process for escorted temporary absences for offenders serving life sentences.”

Bill C-483 seeks to amend the Corrections and Constitutional Release Act by transferring the authority to authorize escorted temporary absences for offenders from the prison warden to the Parole Board of Canada. This amendment would apply to offenders convicted of first or second degree murder, who are within three years of full parole eligibility.