MP MacKenzie Announces PMB C-483 Passes Third Reading In The Senate

Ottawa, ON- Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament for Oxford, today announced that his Private Member’s Bill, C-483, An Act To Amend The Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Escorted Temporary Absence), recently passed third reading in the Senate .

Bill C-483 will amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act so that offenders serving life sentences will remain under the authority of the Parole Board of Canada for the duration of their sentence. This will allow the families of victims to have their voices heard when decisions are being made for the authorization of escorted temporary absences of offenders convicted of first or second degree murder.   

Mr. MacKenzie introduced Bill C-483 in March 2013, when Kim Hancox brought to Mr. MacKenzie’s attention her struggles and frustration in accessing and having her voice heard in the decision-making process for the escorted temporary absences for her husband’s killers. Ms. Hancox’s husband Detective-Constable William Hancox was stabbed to death while on a routine stakeout in Scarborough in 1998.


 “I am pleased that Bill C-483 is moving forward and for the support of Members and Senators during the legislative process. I would also like to especially thank Kim Hancox for all of her hard-work and support. I look forward to seeing Bill C-483 becoming law in the very near future. ”

Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament For Oxford