MP MacKenzie Sworn In As Member Of Parliament For Oxford

Ottawa, ON– On November 9, 2015 Mr. MacKenzie was sworn in as the Member of Parliament for Oxford on Parliament Hill in Otawa. Mr. MacKenzie is honoured to be representing the riding of Oxford once again. “It has been my pleasure to serve as the Member of Parliament for Oxford over the last several years, said Mr. Mackenzie. I look forward to continue serving as your voice in Ottawa for the next four years.” Mr. MacKenzie would also like to welcome our existing and new constituents, due to the recent boundary changes by Elections Canada, to visit our constituency offices in Woodstock and Tillsonburg.

Our offices are here to assist you with federal matters including: citizenship and immigration, Employment Insurance, passports, Canada Revenue Agency, congratulatory messages from our office, the Prime Minister and the Queen and much more. If you are unsure if an issue is federal or not, please feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to direct you.

Also remember that if you are ever in Ottawa, to contact our Ottawa office and we would be happy to organize a visit to Question Period and a tour of Centre Block.

Contact information for our offices can be found below.

Woodstock Office
208 Huron Street
Woodstock, ON N4S 7A1
Telephone: 519-421-7690
Fax: 519-421-9704

Tillsonburg Office
43 Brock Street East
Tillsonburg, ON N4G 1Z7
Telephone: 519-688-3620
Fax: 519-688-3622

Ottawa Office
602 Justice Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K2G 0A6
Telephone: 613-995-4432
Fax: 613-995-4433