Dave MacKenzie, a long time Woodstock resident with a history of civic engagement in Oxford County, was first elected to represent Oxford in the House of Commons on June 28, 2004.

Prior to this, Dave served as a distinguished member of the Woodstock City Police from 1967 to 1997. Throughout this period, he served his community as a Constable, Detective, Inspector, Deputy Chief of Police and Chief of Police. Dave retired from the police force in 1997 and was named General Manager for Roetin Industries Canada.

Upon his election in 2004, Dave served as the Conservative Party of Canada’s Critic for the Associate Minister of Defence, in addition to his tenure on the Standing Committee of National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

During his first session in the House, Dave spoke on Oxford’s behalf in favour of greater agricultural support, democratic reform, an accountable government, and economic policies that work for, rather than against, hard-working Canadians and their families.

Dave was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety in 2006. A role he would maintain for the next 5 years. Until May 2011, when he was elected as the Chair of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Dave served in this position until January 2012 when he was appointed Deputy Government Whip. After 6 years in this role, Dave returned to the committee in January of 2018.

In February of 2020, Dave was appointed to the Standing Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations. As well as the Standing Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic in April of 2020.

Dave’s service to his community continues through his volunteer activities, including the Woodstock General Hospital Foundation, the Woodstock Rotary Club, and the United Way of Oxford. Dave also served as the fundraising chair for the Woodstock Seniors Centre and as the initial chair for the “Building the Vision” campaign for the construction of a new hospital in Woodstock.

Dave and his wife Lynda reside in Woodstock where they raised their three children. Outside of his duties in Ottawa, Dave enjoys spending time in the riding, socializing with his constituents, hosting community barbeques, as well as amassing a collection of vintage and classic cars.