Dave MacKenzie Supports Motion on Afghanistan Mission

Ottawa, ON – Yesterday, Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament for Oxford, spoke in the House of Commons in support of the Government’s motion on Afghanistan. He recognized our men and women in uniform and thanked them for their contribution to the safety, security and reconstruction of Afghanistan. 

“Our men and women in uniform continue to serve with courage, with commitment, with integrity and with loyalty. Our national commitment to them should be no less. They deserve to be valued and respected for their contributions to protecting Canada and rebuilding Afghanistan”.

He urged people not to lose sight of one of the reasons we are in Afghanistan – it is critical to realize that our efforts in Afghanistan enhance the safety and security of our Canadian citizens here at home.

“There is no question that it is good for the people of Afghanistan, to help them rebuild, but it is also for the good of Canadians. In the past, Afghanistan and its surrounding areas have been a breeding ground for fanaticism and a launching pad for global extremism. If we don’t fight them over on their ground now, we will eventually end up fighting them here on our own soil”.

Canada’s contributions to Afghanistan have always been with the aim of building the Government of Afghanistan’s ability to govern in a way that promotes human rights and justice and provides a more peaceful and secure environment for its citizens. He reminded everyone that the motion he was speaking on embodied this clear and principled stance.

“This motion acknowledges what is required for Canada’s mission to succeed. It is neither a Conservative position, nor a Liberal position, it is a Canadian position”.