Important Income Tax Information!

Important income tax information!

Starting in early January 2021 and no later than March 10, 2021, Canadians will begin receiving T4A slips from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The T4A is virtually identical to the T4 slips Canadians usually receive, but rather than employment income, they provide the amounts of COVID-19 emergency and recovery benefits received from the CRA in 2020.

When filing your tax returns remember:
Information from your T4A will need to be entered on line 13000 of your 2020 income tax and benefit return as income, just like a regular T4 slip.
If you are registered for My Account and filing with NETFILE-certified software, this information will be automatically entered into their return.
If you did not receive Covid-19 benefits through the CRA but rather received Covid-19 benefits through Service Canada, you will instead receive a T4E slip which applies the same way as a T4A.
If you did not qualify or apply to any Covid-19 benefits then there is nothing more to do. You will not (or should not) receive a T4A or a T4E.

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