MP MacKenzie Tours Oxford Auditorium Project

Woodstock, ON– “Jobs and economic growth continue to be created by Canada’s Economic Action Plan,” announced Dave MacKenzie Member of Parliament for Oxford and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety.  MacKenzie was in Woodstock today to tour the site and celebrate the significant progress made on the Oxford Auditorium project.

“Our government’s top priority is the economy, which is why we are continuing to implement Canada’s Economic Action Plan,” said MacKenzie. “These upgrades to the Oxford Auditorium have created local jobs and economic growth, and will improve the lives residents in the area so that Canadian families continue to prosper for years to come”.

The Harper Government is demonstrating the job creation and benefits of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. MP MacKenzie’s visit to the Oxford Auditorium is just one of over 80 events happening across the country today.

The Woodstock Agricultural Society rehabilitated their Community Services infrastructure by adding an addition to the Oxford Auditorium.

The Harper government is committed to stimulating the economy through the creation of jobs. Canada’s Economic Action Plan continues to create jobs and economic growth with more than 26,000 job-creating projects underway or completed from coast to coast to coast.

The results are clear: Since July 2009 Canada’s economy has created over 460,000 new jobs and the economy has grown for five straight quarters.

“The economic recovery is still fragile,” said MacKenzie “That is why we must stay on track and continue to focus on the economy”.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan provides close to $16 billion to modernize a broad range of infrastructure including roads, bridges, public transit, parks and water treatment facilities, and to support home ownership, help stimulate the housing sector and improve housing across Canada.

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