Promoting Canada. Protecting Canadians.

Canada plays a dynamic role in the global economy and Canadians are reaping the benefits: our economy is strong, and there are more jobs and opportunities than ever before. The Conservative Government continues to work with Canadian businesses to improve conditions for investment, boost innovation, and increase our share of global trade.

At the same time, the government must ensure the rules of the game are fair and that our national interests are protected. Today, one of the biggest threats to Canada’s economic security comes from foreign, state-owned companies taking over Canadian businesses.

Foreign, state-owned companies often play by different rules than their private sector competitors. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the interests of these companies are strictly commercial. Often, foreign, state-owned companies answer directly to their home governments. We have a serious responsibility to ensure that Canadian workers are not left to the mercies of a foreign government.

Under new rules put forward by Industry Minister Jim Prentice, the Conservative government will require foreign, state-owned companies to prove that their investments are in Canada’s national interest. State-owned firms that act as good faith partners will continue to have their investments welcomed and encouraged. In the case of firms with more questionable motives, the Conservative government is sending a clear message: we will act to protect our Canadian workers and our national interests.

We believe in the power of free trade and investment. These new requirements will underscore one important fact: Canada is open for business but we are certainly not for sale. Our economy, like Canada itself, will always be strong and free.